Alex Williams

A purely intuitive artist, Alex was born on the island of Jamaica and also grew up in Barbados, The Bahamas and Florida. Through his deep respect for the Sea and his passion for surfing, the magic of his art emerged. This art does not seek to imitate the obvious, rather it challenges the viewer to look deeper below the surface and to feel the exotic colors of the islands. He has a creative style of communicating his message of “consciousness” within pulsating shapes.
In Zen we don’t find the answers, we lose the questions.

The Jamaican Observer

In Zen we don’t find the answers, we lose the questions.  Most people want to look for an answer but I rather remove the questions instead of looking for the answers. If a cup is filled too high then it overflows but an empty cup is very useful. Instead of looking for an answer I see beauty in the moment and the mystery. Everyone who claims they know truth is what causes tension and war here on Earth. Balance is key ☯️  The person who spent their whole life searching for enlightenment never found it but the person who never searched for it was already enlightened. We are born in mystery, we live in mystery, and we die in mystery.                  
(The Miracle is You)