About Me

Jamaican Born Artist who also grew up in Barbados, The Bahamas and currently living in South Florida. Surfer, Skateboarder and Wakeboarder with a passion for the ocean, nature and the outdoors. Taoist and Spiritually Minded with an interest in Quantum Physics.
I love the Ancient Philosophy of Taoism, the teachings of Lao Tzu of being in the moment and in the flow state, not holding onto any belief too strongly.  I do not hold onto any belief except for the belief in uncertainty, I try not to hold judgment on anything and I just do what serves me in the present moment. I can believe in answers in one moment and I can banish them in another moment, I behave random like quantum particles.

My favorite saying is a Zen saying that goes: In Zen we don’t find the answers, we lose the questions.